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Matrix to connect Apple TV to B&O with sound & up to 4 HDMIs

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Connect up to 4 HDMI devices with sound, to your B&O TV with DVI socket. (DVI sockets were used on all B&O televisions before 2010). Connect Apple TV, sky, Virgin media, camera, DVD, blu ray etc all with sound.

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Connect an Apple TV to B&O television with sound, along with your sky / virgin box

This matrix allows you to connect more than one HDMI device with sound to a Bang & Olufsen TV which has a dvi socket.

Can’t get sound to work on Apple TV when connecting to B&O?

If you have a Bang & Olufsen TV with a dvi socket and need to connect more than one HDMI device to it, we’ve put together an HDMI matrix to enable you to switch between 4 inputs, e.g. Apple TV, Sky, DVD & Camera. The sound will also switch at the same time too, with most HDMI splitters you will loose the sound.

The matrix will fit neatly on the back of the TV if required too so it’s conveniently hidden away.

Many people experience this problem with older B&O televisions using a DVI connection when trying to connect multiple HDMI devices to them, often running into issues where they will fit an HDMI splitter but then have no sound from one of the devices.

This is a very cost effective solution compared to some of the quotes we’ve heard about from a range of B&O dealers, we can literally save you hundreds of pounds.

Cable Connecting has been a B&O Specialist for over 30 years, and provide a bespoke tailored service, your matrix will come with specific instructions tailored to your particular setup.

1 review for Matrix to connect Apple TV to B&O with sound & up to 4 HDMIs

  1. Riman

    I had an Apple TV box that I was unable to connect into my Bang and Olufsen television because I was already using the only HD input on the DVI connection for my Sky HD box.

    I had a quote for an HDMI matrix from a dealer for £1,000, this was not worth it.

    After looking at beoworld and forums I discovered Cable Connecting and the are B&O specialists who sold me a remote control HDMI matrix so that I can have my Apple TV and more if I need it.

    They labelled all the cables and supplied cable ties to fix to the brackets with instructions, it was easy for me to install with the engineers help and they charged me £150.

    Works VERY WELL.

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