Connecting an iPad to my Bang & Olufsen equipment

What B&O product are you connecting your iPad to?

iPads have revolutionised the way we access and view content, they can also be connected to most of the devices in your Bang & Oulfsen setup to watch films, listen to music, view your photos and use apps. To connect an iPad to a B&O device in your setup can sometimes be quite confusing, due to the range of inputs on TV’s and stereos, especially older models, it’s not easy to know what cable you need. That’s where we come in, all of our packages to connect iPads are sent to you already put together by an expert B&O engineer so you can just plug and play, we will also write you a detailed instruction card specific to your setup, enabling you know what to put where, and give you a helpline number along with an email address to speak to us if you run into trouble.