Some of our best selling products to solve Bang & Olufsen connection issues…

Connect Apple TV to B&O

Connect bluetooth to B&O

hdmi to dvi cable

hdmi to dvi adapter

Bang & Olufsen Turntable Pre-amp with cables

Bang & Bluetooth wireless headphones Bang & Olufsen

At Cable Connecting we pride ourselves on being Bang & Olufsen specialists, working with the high end brand for over 20 years. Some older B&O devices can have slightly different connections to other manufacturers, so it can be a little confusing to work out what you need to link your devices together. All of our connection packages come fully set up ready to plug and play with any necessary converters already in place, we also provice a detailed personalised instruction card telling you what to plug in where on your specific set up, along with telephone and email support if you requite it.

So to ensure you have the perfect set up, let us know which of the devices above you are trying to connect to your B&O equipment and we can send it out to you. If the device you are trying to connect isn’t listed above, visit our help me connect page and enter the specific details of what you’re trying to achieve so we can then put a tailored quote together for you.