About Us

Cable Connecting was formed by Trevor Milton due to the overwhelming demand over 30 years in the industry for information and help to connect up equipment.

Mail order and even specialised electrical shops can leave you struggling to work out what cable goes where when you get home. Internet forums often are a source of incorrect information and what should be quite simple can get very complicated and stressful.

Cable connecting offers a bespoke personalised service for your connection requirements. All of our cables are supplied with a clear instruction card tailored to your specific situation, along with a support telephone number and email, so we can talk you through it if you need us to every step of the way.

Trevor leads a team of expert engineers who all take pride in maintaining knowledge and offering unrivalled personalised customer service.

Our reviews

Jan 05, 2018 by Julie

Excellent Service

Thank you Trevor for your prompt service. Pleased to say my school laptop is now perfectly connected to the whiteboard speakers!


Nov 24, 2017 by David

Excellent Service

In a world of average service Trevor excels and goes beyond. Good service is not hard to do but it takes time to understand what a customer needs and then hard work and research behind the scenes to get it right so the client isn't disappointed. Trevor saved me a few hundred pounds as I thought I knew what I wanted. Trevor kindly put me on the right path and took the time to make sure the products he delivered to me worked. So I now have a new BOSE soundtouch system talking to and working with my never to be gotten rid of B&O 6 CD stack and B&O speakers. Thank you Trevor you've made a middle aged rocker a happy man !!


Aug 27, 2017 by Douglas

Matrix box for beovision 7

Thank you so much ! You have given my boevision 7 a new lease of life with the matrix box . I can now use the amazon stick, Apple TV , and anything with a hdmi . After spending 7k on the tv 8 years ago I didn't expect to be changing it so soon as you expect to buy an bang and Olsfen product and keep it for life especially because of its timeless design. I was told by B &O there way NO way of converting the hdmi and the ONLY option was a 3k screen upgrade !! That's very naughty of them , I will never use my local branch again after all they are interested in is making money on new pruducts and not looking after existing customers that spent 20k with them !!! Thank you again CableConnecting. Great service , easy to set up !


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